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The inability of the admin to delete a Forum created by another user is definitely a bug. We will try to get that fix into the next update.

I marked this particular request as completed, but we could create a new one for having different sounds based on teams/users.

In release, we now have an option in My Settings-> Preferences to prompt you for a reminder duration every time you create a reminder.

You can new select "Unread Only" from the dropdown menu at the top of the NOTIFICATIONS view

We have a number of sound options to choose from in the v1.0.1.18 release, available under My Settings -> Preferences.

We are looking into a Nav Bar upgrade that would bring custom "groupings" of Forums, Teams and Users. You provide a name, and then pick a set of Forums, Teams or Users you want included. If you collapse that group, any new chat activity in one of the included sub-items would bubble to the top group tab so you know there is something to look at.