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Thank you for this request, and the additional up votes! We are preparing to revisit the desktop app and how we manage your presence status.

For anybody who has multiple Ryver accounts, would you expect to remain "available" in all logged in accounts, or just the one currently selected in the app?

Hi Stephanie. We're just about to get started on this feature. We'll start by adding the generic support for webhooks and associated templates for transforming the data into messages. Then we'll identify a set of products like Github, Jira, etc. to create templates for. Once we come up with the initial planned list, I'll post them here. If you have any favorites, please do share!

Thank you for this request and the follow-up comments! We will look into allowing deletion of users who never activated their accounts. For users who have already added content, I'm afraid we will require that they remain in the system, but we will look into adding a filter so you don't have to see them in the Manage Users list.

An additional thing we will be doing soon is making it so that invites don't create a user record until the user accepts. So you'll no longer have unaccepted invites filling up your USERS list.

Thank you for the report, Andreas! We currently base the away status on in-app activity, but we can certainly understand the desire for it to be based on Computer activity instead. We will look into this.