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Sorry, we ended up pushing this out to focus on tasks, and enabling billing. To be honest, this one is still prioritized below some other key features that we'll be working on through the end of the year, including single sign-on, audit tracking, and notifications improvements. However, we just talked about it, and I think the effort we put into full history/audit tracking will will be the perfect place to include a little reporting work for statistics. We'll see if we can piggy back this feature on top of the other, rather than push it out into 2018.

Hmm, ok. We'll investigate to see if we can find a cause for an extra one. We also are testing out a new desktop build...will see if anything is different with that.


There should be 2 main processes for the desktop shell itself, and then one process per Ryver organization. Each of which is its own web view.

A lot of the memory usage is related to our keeping DOM elements in memory even after it has scrolled out of view. Once we finish converting everything to Typescript/React, we will be releasing content from memory when it is no longer being viewed, and you should see the memory usage go down quite a bit.

When we get our new Task Management functionality rolled out (July), which is all written in Typescript/React, we'll be able to finish up this UI transition for Chat and Posts, and improve the memory usage.

We do expect to put some dedicated development time into Administrative options like this as we dig into the "business class" or "enterprise" features that we want to add onto Ryver. Though, for this one, I would also expect some level of control to be included in the free service.

One option we are looking at that doesn't require any real admin UI (shorter implementation time) is to allow people to delete their own messages within a certain amount of time after posting a message...say somewhere in the 10 to 30 minute neighborhood, but after that period expires, the message is part of the permanent record and only the Admin can delete it. For this, the only interface we would need is to make that period of time an organization-level preference for the admin.

We do now track the user agent that is connecting to the chat server so that we can provide all of the connected clients with the "last seen device type" in addition to the presence. We still need to schedule some server-side work to include that information in the real-time presence events so that the client can display the appropriate icon.

In the next update, you'll be able to click on the fail count and view the last error. At some point we'll want to show a history, but this should definitely help.

Please contact us at if you want some help debugging one in the mean time.

Hmm, I went through the "open" issues before I went on vacation last week, but I guess I missed this additional comment from last month. Sorry about that.

This feature will require some coordination between the desktop shell and the underlying web app. We do have a plan for how this will be supported, but haven't had a chance to schedule it in yet.