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I love the idea of grouping pins! In addition, I'd really like to be able to manually order my pins. Not sure I've seen that exact request? I may be missing it.

This would be SO helpful! I too often have multiple in-progress posts at a time, so being able to save as a draft (if not have the autosave like gmail) would be very valuable.

Additionally—and please let me know if this should be a separate post?—I'm wondering if there is a way to even mark certain posts by stages that are only accessible by specific team members and/or user level?

For example, I have a "Can You Help Me" forum where I make posts of open tasks and positions for volunteers. For a while I was posting even lose concepts of teams/positions in there with a note in the description that it would be "fleshed out later."

While the forum is open to everyone on my team, I sometimes work on the development of certain position descriptions/task structures with 1-2 team members.

At the moment, I created a separate private team and copy/pasted in those that weren't fully developed. But if there was some form of gradation like Draft/In Review/Published, with the ability to dictate who can see what level (if not by individual than maybe by Guest vs Member vs Admin, it would save a lot of workaround time.

This of course may be totally negated if the ability to move posts arises... Then I suppose having a "in the works" team or something could work... but would still be more functional the alternate way.

Again please let me know if I should make this a separate post (excepting the 1st 2 sentences) ;D

AH! I love this community. Just came to add this and sure enough, here it is already!

This could be so helpful! I have a number of posts in one open forum where each post pertains to a team task group within the greater team.

But sometimes you need to just chat back and forth about a project without wanting to create an excessively long thread on that post. But, if anything is said that really should be on the post, this would make it possible to do so.

Thanks for looking into it!

I would just like to add my support to this and like 1,000 thumbs up! I have had so many instances of needing to move a post.

Current example: I have an open forum for my volunteers called "Can You Help Me" where I post any tasks that need attention.

I am also trying to build a more structured team and recently drafted a number of "positions" and "sub team" descriptions in the Posts section. However, I'm now realizing some of those posts should really be in a private team for further development first.

My only option at the moment is to go in and copy the post body and re-make it in the team then delete the original. However, I lose any discussion on the posts. My rather lame workaround at the moment is to take a screenshot of the comments and attach it to the new post.

----So this may be a separate suggestion I should add?---

This may not even be feasible... But it would be great to be able to even "pull" a post and move it from a forum or team into a DM with someone for a period. For example, I have a team member with whom I'm working on these position posts. It would be great if we could pull one needing more work into our DM posts and then move it to the open forum when ready.

I suppose moving to a private team is similar and workable for this purpose as well... just would be great if it would me moveable to DMs as well.

Many thanks!

YESS!!! A thousand yeses. This would be incredibly beneficial for teams wanting to retain information and exchanges made on posts but declutter and archive inactive or closed projects.