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I actually have not thought about that, but it makes perfect sense though! Read a message in the notification, click on it and then start typing your reply.. Actually kind of natural behavior for a lot of people, surprises me as well that this is not happening more often

Had this happen again today, all members (hundreds) got notified of a forum being put up when it only applies to about 5 or 6 of them.

Needless to say, I am very excited to see a fix for this, or at least see that default be set to false instead of true. To me, it still seems like it is an action a user should want to do as opposed to not doing, rather than wanting to not notify everyone as opposed to automatically notifying everyone.. Personally it just seems logical to have the default be false.

Exactly, yes :)

That is what deep linking does, is it takes you to that message/thread, instead of just the application.

Completely understandable. Even if we can just have it default to false at the start, that would be a great help.

My thinking is that if it is not enabled by default, you would have to toggle it on, meaning you are aware of the control and more likely to have wanted to send a notification to every single person on the server.

Thanks for reviewing

That would be brilliant, thank you :)

This is pretty brilliant innovation right there :D

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but we are able to use the signup link generated by talking to Eddy Bot multiple times. To create one, talk to Eddy Bot and use the command /signup-create, this satisfies the OP's first portion. Domains is another story though

Perhaps a different suggestion would be to tag someone when you use their full display name? Similar to Facebook has/had it. Just my 2 cents

This is the only reason some of our teams feel they cannot switch. Cannot wait for the /remind feature in Ryver :D

I thought this would be default behavior. Definitely a must! Or at the very least an option that can be set.