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If you ever implement this feature, a "move all posts from forum/team to a new forum/team" would be great. 

I need to move my open forum to private teams due to the slack import.

Guys, I converted from Slack nearly a year ago.

Ryver improved drastically in that timespan and I really love it - but I can't use it properly ever since because I can't convert the open forums to private teams. I'd love to open my Ryver app to a broader audience and invite new users, but have to protect my private chats from them (I'm running a basketball site and atm only my editors and writers are part of Ryver. As we converted from slack, all our internals became "open", because we couldn't convert our slack channels to private teams).

I'd REALLY open up my Ryver app for new users and show more users this excellent platform, but I need to protect our current chats by converting them. Any chance, this would take place anytime soon?

Since Roy stated nearly two years ago: I'd give you another reason to convince slack users to move to Ryver!

This would be an awesome addition.

This is under review quite some time. Is it in the next round of updates?