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Just wanted to express the need and urgency from my (company) side;

First I'll reply to Mr. Pat Sullivan's question;

Both and much more.
We require the export option for both comfort and compliance purposes, however, these two are not the most important for why we need Export functionality in RYVER.

I can completely understand why this feature hasn't been developed or released until now, i'm sure that here many business considerations and much more, however, please do consider the following: 

* Many of us are trying to find the best platform/tool/assistant for our organization. Some require it for a specific need and some are trying to improve collaboration and enhance communication in general.

* Those of us who are working in mid-large organizations might go through hard times when trying to bring in a tool like RYVER into the company. A lot of people are afraid of changes, especially if you are trying to replace current half-baked solutions which you are not happy from.

* These worries which are led by uncertainty are being fueled even further with the following excuse: "We can work on RYVER for a month, two or even three, but what happens if we decide it's not for us? how do we take our content, which we have placed into RYVER, export it, and later decide what to do with it?"

This excuse is currently standing strong, especially when trying to push it in companies which are less experienced with collaboration platforms like RYVER.

Think of us as your sales personnel, selling RYVER in our own company. We need the appropriate tools to sell...

Thanks again for an amazing product.

We all wish to see much more of it.

Best Regards,

Shay D.