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So now that Ryver is no longer offering a free tier, how quickly can paying customers expect a google authentication integration to appear?


Any update on what this might be implemented? My organization's Admin account is part of most teams; no one wants that. Every time I login to the admin account to create a new user, a new forum, archive a forum, deactivate a user, there's  billion @team messages I have to ignore. It's clunky, cluttered, and needless. All the admin needs to be able to do is see what teams exist and manage those team, not be part of the team.


We setup a Zapier integration that puts Twitter posts into one of our forums. I imagine the same could be done with Facebook.

The solution you propose would be acceptable for my group and I think most groups. As the admin, I need to be able to fix problems - see what team exist, manage those teams to add/remove people, modify who the team admins, archive teams, and manage guests and forums. I do not want or need to view content of a team.

While the arguments made below are valid, that any communication done on a work machine could be considered visible by the company, that is not a helpful argument to have with end users. In fact, being unable to see content - and being able to show where on the Ryver website it says that the admin cannot view content - would be helpful in my particular group.

Our office has been using Ryver for a year, and as part of our yearly service review we'll be comparing other tools on the market to see if Ryver is still the best fit for our needs. Lack of ad-hoc group chat is the #1 complaint we've had from our staff.

Like how AIM used to have "Invisible" mode? That was more trouble than it was worth from a troubleshooting perspective, since someone would say "i'm online!" but someone else would say "I can't see them!"

I like the idea of manually controlling our statuses. I dislike how Ryver sets me as Idle automatically. I think there's another request that discusses that though.

I don't see any need for an admin to spy on private messages, unless there's a data retention need required by law.

Any update on this? My team assumed it would be part of the new admin controls that rolled out today. As great as that it, it's only half of what we need to be effective.

Very happy to hear a progress update. Our admin group looks forward to implementing some changes once this is available.

You're saying we might have this live in less than 2 weeks? *hallelujah gif*