Your comments

Oh, I missed one price point you have removed - Free team communications for unlimited People. I see. If a customer was using tasks, this isn't a big change. If you were not using tasks (or only 5 people were using tasks) but lots of people were using team communications, this is a big change. Anyway, I'm way off-topic now so I'll shut up. :-)


"What would you do with the data?" - I would like a cold backup in case someone malicious accessed one of our Ryver accounts (or maybe a disgruntled employee?), and deleted everything, or if Ryver was unavailable for a few days. We could get away with referring to text files for a few days. If someone had removed all our Ryver data we would have to write an automated script to pump it back in through the website. Painful but worth it. 

I would not expect private messages to be exported (I can't see them so they aren't really part of our 'assets' stored in Ryver).

By the way, I did not receive the notification about your changed pricing plan, although I can see the pricing page has changed. I've emailed support to ask why I didn't receive a notification. Maybe it should be on your twitter feed as well?

In our case (small company with 4 users) I expect we can could go free, but I was expecting to move to $49/mo for up to 15 users. I guess your pricing change isn't as big a deal as people are making out - they would have had to pay $99/mo anyway for more than 15 users? Seems like you've just removed one price point and made the lowest price point free. 

But I would expect you to have honoured the price for customers already on the $49 upto-15-users tariff. Everyone else stays the same or gets cheaper!


To clarify my earlier point. I would like to export all tasks and topics but not so interested in chats. It would be a comfortable cold backup in case of loss through our own mistake or if someone gained access to cause damage. 

+1 for a full export as a last-resort cold backup. I know that sounds overly cautious, but cloud services have experienced loss/hacking problems before, and it would be comfortable to have our data in our back pocket.