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Hmm, I guess we had only mentioned it in a single bullet point line in one of our release notes. I just added this article that you can point them to:

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that it would be best to have them automatically removed. We did have a technical issue with that at the time we implemented that filter option, but will review again. At the very least, there should probably be a refresh button right there in that view, rather than having to click to a different filter and back, or refresh the whole app.

In version 1.2.1 of the desktop app, you can choose never, once or continuous for the bouncing of the app icon.

We do now have a GIF tab in the Emoji popup dialog. You can type your search text and pick from 25 different giphy options.

We have finally put these permissions options into our Admin Settings. We're testing the chat message setting now, and are about to add one for topic replies.

We now make the creator of the organization the "Owner". Other Admins are unable to modify the Owner's role. An owner can hand off the owner role to another Admin, but there can only be one Owner at a time.