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Under review

Add an Admin option for domain mapping to a non-ryver.com URL for our account

jeff 2 years ago in Admin • updated by Zack 12 months ago 6

Would like to be able to map <OurAccount>.ryver.com to something like chat.<OurOrganization>.com and point our users to that URL.


Restrict Users from changing email addresses

jiegomojica 11 months ago in Admin • updated by Jet Mojica 2 weeks ago 2

As admin, we regularly deactivate users after projects get completed. When teams get very big, the only way for us to reliably look up users is using the registered email they used when we sent out the invite. Otherwise, all a user needs to do is to change username and email address to stay in the Ryver org.

Restricting users from changing email adds will solve a lot of user management issues.


Administrative Control over Guest Account Display Name

Kimeree 1 year ago in Admin • updated by Jet Mojica 2 weeks ago 2

We would like to assign the Display Name for all Guest accounts so that it is obvious to our members that a Guest is present without needing to open the side panel. We would like this to be something the guest can not change and is only available to Admins for alteration.

Under review

Customized Profile Information for Ryver Teams

ferril samal 2 years ago in Admin • updated by jeff 1 year ago 4


I am part of the core team of India's largest student run cultural fest. We have a team of nearly 500 students for organising with 11 sub departments and 5 levels of organisation. There is a lot of inter-department relationship both on line and offline. For this finding people using their department and organisation level is necessary. Also there are certain personal details that are necessary (like room number and college ID) that we need to reach them on line and offline and for bureaucratic reasons. I suggest you add a feature to create a custom profile information form when the primary owner creates the team. Also when inviting team members allows admins to fill in the organisation level. It is similar to the profile information available on the enterprise version of outlook. This makes team building on ryver so easy. The alternative we are currently using is to hack the "role" field for this purpose. But it is not an elegant solution. Also our team-mates have to instructed to type the role in a certain format. Enforcing standards is very difficult especially when number of team-mates are large.


Self-registration / Request to Join

martin 8 months ago in Admin • updated by Andreas 8 months ago 1

On the login screen of a Ryver site, there needs to be a way to self-register (with approval from an admin, of course), or a way to request to join, which an admin can then approve.

This way, I can send a link to the site to the users in my organization and they can sign up without me having to invite them individually.

(It is better if they request to join, rather than me "forcing" the solution on them).


Permit change of user name

Edward 4 months ago in Admin 0

People should be able to change their user name, but this appears not to be possible.

Someone may choose a name they later realise is inappropriate. Or two people with the same first name join and need to differentiate themselves: will everyone remember that the second Helen to join the organization is @helenr, not @helen?


Allow cancelling of entering password for admin settings in iOS app

Jeff Rensink 6 months ago in Admin • updated by Isaac Shalev 5 months ago 1

Ran into a frustrating scenario using the iOS mobile app.  I was logged into my Ryver server and could chat.  Then I mistakenly chose to go to the Admin Settings, where I was asked to enter my password.  The problem is that I use random passwords and didn't know it, so I couldn't enter my password.  But I also couldn't go back into the regular interface any more (there is no back/cancel option).

I tried killing the app in iOS by double pressing the home button and swiping the app up.  I even rebooted my phone.  But each time, Ryver dumped me right back to the admin password screen.  I tried putting in wrong passwords a few times, hoping it would hit a threshold and dump me back into the normal app.  Unfortunately, this doesn't happen.   So I try killing the app and opening it up again, but this time I'm at the main Ryver login page.  So I give up and figure I'll just look up m password when I get home.

Now I'm at home, I look up my password and try to login.  That's when I'm notified about my account being locked out from too many bad login attempts.  I reset my password to unlock my account, log back into Ryver on my phone and I'm put right back at the admin setting login screen again.  Fortunately I have my password now and can enter it to get past this.  But what a hassle and it also prevented me from using the app just because I accidentally chose Admin Settings.

All of this could have been avoided by simply allowing me to cancel my admin settings login attempt.  So please add a cancel link/button to the admin setting login screen.  


Restrict posting/chatting in a channel to a set of users

dp 6 months ago in Admin 0

It's useful to have a forum that is read-only for most people (for chat and posts), such as an "Announcements" forum, especially when guests may be invited.  This allows other users to be certain that the messages in the channel are authoritative.  


Add History tracking to each task

james.armenti 6 months ago in Admin 0

Would be great if there was a History log in tasks so I can see how a task has moved and on what dates. Say for example "27 July 2017 13:05 Joe Smith changed Category to Development"

Under review

Slow User List Load

Josh 1 year ago in Admin • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

We are approaching 95 active users. Individually managing a user through the app is slow and clunky. The app only loads a few users at a time and I'm often forced to scroll slowly while the app catches up and loads the next group of users. Sometimes that catch up can take over 10 seconds and then create a jump effect within the user administration.