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Different Search Categories - Messages, People, Tags (Tag Cloud)

martin 9 months ago in Chat 0

Currently the search on the top left gives you only the option to search for messages using a free input search field. However, it would be nice if it provided some sub-categories, like searching for messages or people. (The people search would be a handy complement to #[293], in which private discussions could be started with multiple people by choosing names from a list of people).

Additionally a search in the form of a tag cloud would also be useful as a way to see existing tags and how frequently they are used, allowing the user to click on a tag and see corresponding messages, as an alternative to searching by tags.


Channel Topic

icex 9 months ago in Chat 0

Could this be integrated into ryver.

Each channel with it's own topic to guide users similar to irc/slack.

Under review

Better visual cues for the forum/team you are chatting in, or visual cues showing if a discussion is private

Martin Ceronio 11 months ago in Chat • updated by jeff 11 months ago 1

When you have a large list of discussions on the left, the one you are engaging with should be highlighted more clearly.

Also, it would be nice if there were a visual cue, such as a different background color, to indicate when you are in a private discussion. (Perhaps forum/team creators can even set the background to something unique?).

It would make it more obvious straightaway where you are chatting.


chat timezone adjustment

connermehler 11 months ago in Chat 0

Add functionality for Ryver to recognize a time written in chat and adjust it for users in other timezones.


Allow users to change the font face

Joseph Banass 12 months ago in Chat 0

It would be nice if users can choose their own font face. I've noticed on some occasions that the default font can be "thin".


Rate a comment or message (like the Upvote/Downvote mechanic in posts)

Joseph Banass 12 months ago in Chat • updated 12 months ago 1

A great feature would be to let users rate comments or messages in a private team or open forum. This can be great, especially for Q&A so that the proper "answer" stands out more.

Under review

If a message contains two or more asterisks after the send the * dissapears

M.Evans 1 year ago in Chat • updated 12 months ago 5

Example try to send 3*5*6


"No selections available" in chat

Austin Best 1 year ago in Chat • updated by jeff 12 months ago 6

When i try to send a message, it will not send. All it does it show "No selections available" above the message. Is there a reason for this? If so, how about putting that reason in the UI so i can understand why Ryver refuses to send my message.



if (strtolower($action) == 'mvspccheck')


Maybe you can tell me what is wrong? Is this another hidden MD issue? I really dislike the fact that this software implements "parts" of the MD language with no instructions on that what so ever. That makes for a very bad user experience.

Under review

Opening existing direct message selects all of the text

Josh 1 year ago in Chat • updated 1 year ago 2

Whenever I open an existing direct message in Ryver Windows app all of the text in the DM is selected. Preferably, this should instead open a direct message and direct the user's focus to the message entry field.


Typing box loses focus with new message

Austin Best 1 year ago in Chat • updated by Jeremiah 1 year ago 1

When i am in the middle of typing a new message, if someone sends me a message the cursor is removed and i am left typing a message that is not actually going into the input box. The software shouldn't take my focus away from typing just because a new message is received.