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Spanish: The second most in USA

CARLOS - EL COACH 4 months ago in Navigation 0

40millions in USA

I have 280.000 followers in my Fan page on Facebook


Show the Profile/Roster/Files sidebar also when a post has been opened from a link or a search

Otto 6 months ago in Navigation 0

This should be a no-brainer! Search is worth very little if we cannot open a post and see all its information from search.


#tag does not work with utf8

orange_juice 6 months ago in Navigation 0

When a tag is written in utf8 characters, for example #παράδειγμα it is not searchable. Either clicking on the word or typing the tag to the search field, it does not return any results.

Under review

Forum/Team Icon next to its name in the Navigation Pane

André Koch 1 year ago in Navigation • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

Hi team, again I must say I'm liking this app more and more as I use it. Anyway I was just wondering, is it possible to have the forum or team icon display next to its name on the navigation pane? It displays at the top of the chat room once I'm already in it, but it would be nice if I could select the chat room I want to get into, by identifying its icon. Its like when I see Jeff's picture in the idea thread I know the post is from him instantly. This will also brighten up the navigation pane a bit. Maybe this feature is already there but I doesn't work for me for some reason, I'm not sure. Btw, I think priority for this feature should be the desktop app. Thanks!

Under review

Integrate ability to segregate Forums into separate clustered topics.

Fore 1 year ago in Navigation • updated 1 year ago 3

Please consider adding the ability for Admins to be able to segregate or cluster forums by topics.

We use Ryver as a job management/ticket tool for different process stacks involved in a Tv Repair business.

We are trying it out (and it is a great help) and find that we have about 30+ Forums for all repair jobs (by name) but are unable to group together different forums into "stacks". We would like the ability to "group"/"stack" different people at different stages of a process pipeline together so we can know at a glance how many people are at which stage of the pipeline. From Diagnosis to Ordering parts to Repaired.

As there is a pipeline that gradually evolves for each separate Forum it becomes time consuming to keep tabs on which forum is at which stage of a process.