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Broken Image when pressing REPLY/ENTER prematurely

jiegomojica 2 years ago in Misc 0

Right now when you upload images on Ryver windows app, you will get an "image broken" when you press reply/enter prematurely. Is there a way to continue loading the image first even after pressing reply before executing the reply/enter? This way, uploader won't have to wait for the upload to complete before replying.

Huge time saver if ever.


invite teammates to a new private team at once

Charles 3 years ago in Misc 0

Invites all teammates from a private team to a new one using @team (instead of adding each manually)

Under review

Introduce the concept of a "personal" organization which becomes the user in other organizations.

Mike Boysen 3 years ago in Misc • updated 3 years ago 2

This would facilitate a) the ability to see all of my conversations in a single org, relevant to me and b) the ability to orchestrate conversations in an adhoc fashion across orgs and/or people. For example, if I'm a customer who is invited to one or more teams, across one or more vendors, I could interact with them in my personal org. If I wanted to introduce my golfing buddy as an outside resource to an internal (my company) opportunity, the golfing buddy should need to locate and enter yet another org. This is the Vendor Relationship Management approac to creating a grass-roots adoption a la Doc Searles. Just a thought