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Provide option to hide email address from User Profile and User lists

jeff 2 years ago in Settings • updated by Computers for Schools Yukon 3 months ago 13

1. Allow users to specify whether their email address should be shown in their Profile and user lists.

2. Allow the Admin to force hiding of email address for all users

Under review

Mobile push notifications unreliable

Cliff 1 year ago in Mobile • updated by lee ho 2 months ago 18

For my users, we've been having significant iissues with the mobile notifications in the Ryver app. We will be away from our desk for the weekend but still not get mobile alerts. I've heard from Android devices but I'm not sure about iOS because we don't have many.

Also, I have noticed that you have to actually have the app open and running in the background for it to work if it will send notifications at all.

I have in app and regular notifications enabled, but is there ssomething I'm doing wrong? Thank you.

Under review

Group teams, forums or users in nav bar (like a folder structure)

JP A TOCNIC 2 years ago in Misc • updated by Alejandro Castillon 1 year ago 5

My suggestion is that may have sub privates teams like a sub-folders.
A big difference


Notification keywords

neil.bobkowski 3 months ago in Notifications 0

Allow users to define keywords for notifications.  This would be a mirror of Slack's "My Keywords" ability within the Notifications settings.  Essentially a user can define a list of keywords (such as "emergency").  Then anytime that word is used in a Forum or Topic the users gets a notification.

Under review

Sort teams and forums

Jimmy Miller 2 years ago in Navigation • updated by Chris Drake 6 months ago 6

Ability to drag and drop to change the order of your teams and forums in the sidebar

Under review

Windows Phone or Universal mobile/tablet client

jeff 2 years ago in Mobile • updated by lee ho 2 months ago 6

Recurring Tasks (Task Manager Feature Requests)

Corvin Adkins 7 months ago in Misc • updated by eric 1 month ago 3

Have the ability to have tasks that reoccur at intervals (which can be set either as a fixed date or variable 'smart' date') be part of the task manager.  Example: take out trash every week on Friday (this would be considered a variable 'smart date'), Go Grocery Shopping on the 15th of every month (a fixed date).   


LaTeX extension to markdown

Alexei 1 year ago in Chat • updated by lee ho 2 months ago 2

It would be awesome to have the ability to include inline and displayed maths in chat and posts.

This is becoming a common extension to markdown in academic writing and would set Ryver apart and give you an edge in that market. Currently only Rocket.chat implements this nicely (there's a poorer implementation in Mattermost but it's mostly nonexistent in other apps). There's two well developed javascript libraries already to handle the typesetting: MathJax and KaTeX.

Under review

Notification when someone/ other people else is/are typing in the chat.

Joseph Hause 2 years ago in Chat • updated 2 years ago 2

Just a "Bob and Steve are typing" at the bottom of the chat to let the other people know that the person is actually responging.

Under review

Eddy Bot /todo and /reminder functions please!

theceowarrior 2 years ago in Integrations • updated by Jerry 1 year ago 3

A to-do list and personal reminders are a must for me. I use these two functions currently with Slack's in-house bot daily. It keeps everything i need to know in one central place. These two functions and the Google Drive integration are the only reasons I haven't fully switched over from Slack. Looking forward to growing with you!!