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Allow Admins the ability to just use Posts in specific forums (no Chat).

Cory 8 months ago in Posts • updated by RyverMan 4 weeks ago 3

Allow Admins the ability to just use Posts in specific forums (no Chat). Or at minimum, put Posts first so that users land on that first (folks in our group prefer the functionality of Posts, but are missing it when they arrive to chats first) 


Tablet screen orientation to portrait instead of landscape

Renan 12 months ago in Mobile 0

Using tablet version the screen orientation is always in landscape. Can you please have an option to make it portrait as oppose to having landscape as it is really hard for our group to read tons of messages. Yeah landscape is ok but only when watch videos but not for reading which we normally use everyday and I think lot of users also do. Thanks

Under review

Batch cleaning of messages in a chat

guijarrelson 1 year ago in Chat • updated by jeff 11 months ago 1

Sometimes, it is neccesary to clean the messages from a chat to focus in.

Add an option to batch delete messages could be a great feature.


Display Name vs @name

Thomas Becker 1 year ago • updated by Stefanus “HowlinWulf” Fourie 1 year ago 1

When using the @name in a chat or post it would be awesome if the name that went into the chat or post was the display name instead of the actual @username. For example if my username is @jmaxwell and my display name is "John 647" (where 647 is a location number) or "John Maxwell" it would be nice to have the display name inline in the chat as everyone may not know who jmaxwell is but they may know who "John 647" is. I hope I am being clear in what I am trying to ask for. This could be categorized in Chat or Post as it is the same for both.


Discussion Stream

Matt Sollars 1 year ago in Misc 0

The Post Stream is great, but there are plenty of times, as a manager, I want to catch up on the discussions across ALL teams (not just the posts). I would love to be able to drop into a Discussion Stream and watch a collective stream of all discussions in all teams I'm a part of. I could then click on an entry/line and reply to it from this stream. My reply would appear in the correct team discussion, and I could then resume my reading.

When I'm away for a time, having to click into all the separate teams I'm apart of to catch up is...tedious.

Under review

Direct message

michael.wright 1 year ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 11 months ago 3

Would like direct messages to work like text messages. Notifications currently don't occur if the App isn't open on your device. If people on my team don't have the app running, or the desktop program open, notifications only happen via email


Prevent notifcations for replies

Aaron 1 year ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 12 months ago 2

In a Forum chat, the reply button is very handy. The downside is if someone @mentioned me, it'll send a notification. I consider this a bug as I shouldn't be notified for my own message. Basically if starts with > and then has @my_username, I shouldn't be notified. Thanks!


Make multiple photos/attachment uploads easier to send to a forum from an Android device.

Fore 1 year ago in Mobile • updated by Computers for Schools Yukon 10 months ago 1

Uploading multiple photo's or attachments from an android device seems like a difficult task on Android. There isn't a way to select more than one attachment in-one-go to save time and effort.

It would be very nice and appreciated if from the upload interface one could flag what they intend to share and it would take care of uploading the content by itself. Currently it is a one by one attachment ordeal. It makes it a very time consuming effort.

Share-ing a photo/attachment from another Android app (such as Skype) to the Ryver app also seems to trigger a login event (for each attachment) which further delays the entire process. Not sure if this is a bug.


Integrations with Switch Communications. (Now called Dialpad)

Fore 1 year ago in Integrations 0

Please add integration with Switch Communications. I believe they use a Google Voice/Hangouts type of network.

They allow many advanced features like 3-way Voice calling, Call Forwarding, Group communications, etc. Please see their website for more details.

Under review

clean and compact

mark 1 year ago • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

Slack has clean or compact layouts...one is without pictures which make the layout less cluttered even more. Should be easy to implement, to "hide user pictures in chat"..:-)


Add "Go back" navigation feature

Jeff Berman 2 years ago in Navigation • updated by Jon 1 year ago 2

Perhaps this goes against the Ryver UX philosophy, but I find myself constantly searching for a "Back" button that would return me to whichever view I was previously on.

The Ryver system lets you link between posts and forums, but provides no way to return. This forces you to have to navigate back to the original forum/post to continue on with what you were reading. It would be great to have this "Go back" functionality.

Under review

support older android versions

robf 2 years ago in Mobile • updated 9 months ago 5

Can't install ryver app on my phone which uses android 4.1 - would like to move from Slack but this is a deal-breaker for me and probably many others

Under review

Filter/Sort for Online Users in DM

Markus 2 years ago in Settings • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

As a user I want to filter all Users with status "online" in the DM list, so I can know who I can chat with in that moment.

As a user I want to sort all Users with status "online" in the DM sidebar, so I can know who I can chat with in that moment.

Under review

Improve responsiveness of application

Tyler Ronek 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by jeff 2 years ago 2

The application is very slow and unresponsive.

Under review

Customized Profile Information for Ryver Teams

ferril samal 2 years ago in Admin • updated by jeff 1 year ago 4


I am part of the core team of India's largest student run cultural fest. We have a team of nearly 500 students for organising with 11 sub departments and 5 levels of organisation. There is a lot of inter-department relationship both on line and offline. For this finding people using their department and organisation level is necessary. Also there are certain personal details that are necessary (like room number and college ID) that we need to reach them on line and offline and for bureaucratic reasons. I suggest you add a feature to create a custom profile information form when the primary owner creates the team. Also when inviting team members allows admins to fill in the organisation level. It is similar to the profile information available on the enterprise version of outlook. This makes team building on ryver so easy. The alternative we are currently using is to hack the "role" field for this purpose. But it is not an elegant solution. Also our team-mates have to instructed to type the role in a certain format. Enforcing standards is very difficult especially when number of team-mates are large.