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Under review

Team ownership of Forums

Peter Chang 2 years ago • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

As the number of users on an account increases, so does the number of open forums.

Allowing team ownership of forums would help organize many forums that may only be relevant to certain teams. Cutting down on the number of forums everyone else must sort through.


A way to control "All Hands"

Ivan Takev 6 months ago • updated by Chris Drake 5 months ago 5


we have 300+ people in the organisation and All Hands is getting out of control. We did check with Mim and understood there is no possibility to archive/delete that primary forum.

I suggest to be allowed to archive/delete it as it only takes a couple of weirdos to spam the whole organization and basically lose real man-hours of company time in pointlessly messaging everyone. 

Alternatively, it would be nice to be converted to radio station where only admins can drop messages but no one would be able to give replays..would be great for us in IT.

It is nice to have such channel in a small team but with too many people it becomes a trouble...




Pinned messages in chat tab

Jacob Chen 9 months ago • updated 9 months ago 0

There is "Posts" right now which is great but it seems quite separated from the chat tab, which is great in its own way But the Chat tab could do with the ability to pin important messages, (just like slack). and have it on the side bars too, beside the current Profile/Roster/Files


Add option to show password

jd 1 year ago 0

Small thing, but allowing users (especially new ones) the option of seeing their passwords when typing would remove a bit of potential frustration.

Under review

Preserve indentation white space when posting comments.

Kris Nye 1 year ago • updated by Andreas 1 year ago 3

When I post indented code such as the following, the indentation should be preserved and for bonus points it should be in a monospace font, like traditional code sections:


type: 'string'
type: 'key'


Collapse options at top to free up vertical screen real estate

Tom 2 years ago • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Ryver has too many options displayed at the top of the screen wasting significant vertical real estate. Slack does a much better job at collapsing this to 1 line and requires much less scrolling to view actual content vs. ryver. This is particularly bad on the app and smaller screens. On my phone (which is no slouch at 5.2") I see roughly 25% less content in ryver vs. slack due to the wasted real estate at the top of the screen. The same goes for desktop. With laptop LCD manufacturers moving to wider screens the vertical real estate has taken a hit and is at a premium. This is why you see the major browsers removing all those needless options at the top of the screen and putting them in a menu bar to the right. Slack does a great job of collapsing menus and options onto a single line to free up vertical real estate. In ryver so much vertical real estate is wasted. For example, when viewing a forum, the name of the forum is on a line by itself (and in an excessively large font). The next line has chat, posts, files, guests, etc. which I suspect is rarely used wasting another line of real estate. To make things worse this is followed by at third line with search, refresh, etc. Could this all be condensed to a single line with a menu? And better yet using a not so huge font size. Would free up soooo much viewable vertical real estate.

Under review

Have Teams Visibile in the Navbar for every Member

Hans Bosma 2 years ago • updated by jeff 2 years ago 5

It would be nice when you can set a Team to be Visible for every member. So that the member sees which Teams there are, and if he likes to join such a team. So the Team is closed (grayed out) but visible. Some information may come up when clicking, e.g. the Team Admin.


simple custom task analytics including task list per user and other pivots

mski 3 weeks ago 0

would be great to quickly figure out "what is person X working on" or "what has person X completed in the past k days", as well as other queries or aggregations of the task data ... even if required an export eg to xml, json, or tsv!


Pull avatar from gravatar

Dani Avni 2 months ago 0

Please add a default to pull the avatar from Gravatar and other similar services


Set Date/Time for Task to Automatically Move To Another Category

emily_moran 6 months ago 0

We currently have our categories (in part) set by priority, what's been delegated, what's "next up", etc.

It would be really helpful to be able to set a date and time where a task will move itself back to the Priority Category.

I know there are due dates and reminders but with a very full task board, things get lost in the mix rather easily.

This is a separate thing, but just to ++ the idea, copying or moving tasks between boards and duplicating tasks would be incredibly helpful as well!