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Under review

Add Auto-scroll to message feature

fxfighter 3 years ago in Chat • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Slack has a feature where you can right click on the timestamp next to any message and paste that as a perma link into chat, when clicked the link autoscrolls the chat to that message.

The reply feature in Ryver should be able to serve this same purpose.

Under review

Spell Checker and language

TheZopo 3 years ago in Chat • updated by ChrisJ 1 year ago 2

Hi guys and thank you for your awesome product !

In the app the default language is english, so when you are typing in another language the spell checker is just underlining all the words ! Can we juste choose the browser language of the app for fixing this ?

Thank you !

Under review

Include time when using the reply function

Andreas 3 years ago in Chat • updated by Mahomed 1 year ago 2

When you click reply on a message the author is included but I think also including time/date could be a good idea. It would make it easier to find the context both because you might more easily recall the conversation if you know when it happened and it will be easier to find if you want to scroll to it.

Under review

Allowing Private Teams to Communicate With Each Other

Stephanie Henyard 3 years ago in Chat • updated 3 years ago 3

How do private teams communicate with each other? If Events has a question for IT, but no one from the IT dept is in the Event dept Ryver Team, their options are to DM one of us, email us, or walk over and talk to one of us. All fine options, but it'd be great if there was a way to include others in a conversation through Ryver.

If there's a discussion in a forum and there's a question that someone from the Membership dept could answer, the asker would either have to wait for someone from membership to see the question and reply, or @mention a person from membership in the chat and hope that person is available.

I propose groups which can be used in an @mention. It'd also be great for administrative controls.

In the first exampIe, I see an IT group that contains the members of the IT dept. Someone in Events could @IT and the members of the IT group would get a notification of the question. Ideally we could reply to the notification to post back to their chat with an answer, without having to be part of their private team or see what else they're discussing. This might also work in a Post - if the @IT group was mentioned in the Post, we could comment on that post in that team, without seeing anything else in the Team. That would help break down some silos.

In the second example, all the members of the @membership group would get a notification of the new forum message, where they could reply directly.

Another benefit to the groups would be from an administrative standpoint, if all members of a group could be added to a Team. This would help with my Events example, since there are usually several events happening and each event might have it's own Team.


Request for "light threads" like Slack

Frédéric Camblor 2 weeks ago in Chat 0

I like Ryver's Topic implementation, but having recently migrated from Slack, I feel that having to "quickly reply" on a message without having to create a long-live Topic is definitely missing to Ryver.

In the past when using Slack, I liked some discussions started from a message which was not flagged as "important" like we would do with a Topic.

I really see such "light thread" as an added value to Topics, both could live independently.


Ability to show full date

Ryan 3 months ago in Chat 0

As a company who typically has our users search across previous chats/posts, when reading the subsequent thread, the date does not include the year. 

This creates lots of situations where someone looking for data ends up reading a thread with no context of how old it is. 

Below you can see when searching I get the full date, but once I'm now looking at that thread, which may have been contributed to over a couple of years there is no year reference.



Delivered/seen label in chat to shown if a message has been read y the recipient

Saeid 9 months ago in Chat 0

We have been using the Ryver in our group for a while. It has a good chat capability, in fact, we use it as our main chat app in the group, but we face a problem because we cannot say if a message has been seen/read by the recipient or not. It would be great if we can have an icon indicating the condition of a message like what we see in common chat apps such as Whatsapp.


Close all open Direct Messages

ryang 1 year ago in Chat 0

After a weeks worth of chatting my list of users I have direct messages with may grow to 20-30. It is a painful process to click on the X to close out each one. It would be nice to have a close all option or allow to select more than one at a time.

Under review

Keep filenames when saving images

ryang 1 year ago in Chat • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1

When an image is sent to me in Ryver through the Upload File mechanism I see the original filename, but when I try to download it using the hover Download button the image name is always “true”.png|jpg|etc. 

If I click on the image preview and then click on the Download button the name is “Image Preview”. png|jpg|etc.

The image name should be the actual image name as it was sent to me.

This is on Mac OSX High Sierra, Ryver Version 1.2.1


Taskbar Notifications should take you to the message

MarcB 2 years ago in Chat 0

When I receive and click on a taskbar notification in Win10, it opens Ryver wherever I was last.  If I click the message in the taskbar, it should go directly to the message I'm clicking on.