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Under review

Keep filenames when saving images

ryang 3 months ago in Chat • updated by jeff 3 months ago 1

When an image is sent to me in Ryver through the Upload File mechanism I see the original filename, but when I try to download it using the hover Download button the image name is always “true”.png|jpg|etc. 

If I click on the image preview and then click on the Download button the name is “Image Preview”. png|jpg|etc.

The image name should be the actual image name as it was sent to me.

This is on Mac OSX High Sierra, Ryver Version 1.2.1


Allow emailing a user or group at their Ryver site

Martin Ceronio 3 months ago in Chat • updated 3 months ago 0

Given that many people use Ryver and email together in a corporate environment, it would be great if email messages could be forwarded to Ryver users or groups.

For example, if my Ryver site was example.ryver.com and my user was martin, then someone should be able to send an email to martin@example.ryver.com, and it should appear in my personal chat. Similarly, if there was a group called +idle on the site, someone should be able to send a mail to idle@example.ryver.com and it should appear in that group.

The post in either the personal chat or group should retain the attachments as well.


Taskbar Notifications should take you to the message

MarcB 5 months ago in Chat 0

When I receive and click on a taskbar notification in Win10, it opens Ryver wherever I was last.  If I click the message in the taskbar, it should go directly to the message I'm clicking on.


Ctrl + Return for new lines like evey other chat application

Joel Jenvey 6 months ago in Chat 0

I had to look up how to create a new line in a Ryver message (Shift + Return). Every other chat application I've used (Skype, Lync, Slack, Facbook, Whatsapp) uses Ctrl + Return.

Would it be possible to change the key mappings to the more intuitive Ctrl + Return?


Make the 'Edit' action more obvious and accessible

Edward 7 months ago in Chat 0

A common problem I've observed on Slack is that people do not initially realise that they can edit or delete their own posts. In Ryver this is arguably even more obscure: few people (outside tech circles) understand that a ⋮ signifies a submenu. It's a poor UX convention.

The edit action is probably the one most needed (certainly more frequently than 'Create Task'), so why not put this on the floating menu, rather than on the submenu? Maybe have the hover menu appear for a few seconds over a message after it's submitted so that people get to know it's there? Maybe consider replacing the ⋮ with a word (e.g. 'Actions')? Maybe allow people to customise the floating menu?


User option whether Enter or Ctrl+Enter = Send

Edward 7 months ago in Chat 0

Most of the people I introduce to Slack and may in future introduce to Ryver find the Enter = Send default very disconcerting. It's one of the first experiences they have and it's often negative ("But I haven't finished what I was trying to say!")

It makes sense in a quick-fire chat situation, but not when people are posting considered responses that need paragraph breaks (or bullet points). Any chance of making it a user-selectable option whether Enter or Ctrl+Enter sends a message? That simple change would improve the UX greatly for many people.


Inline Playback of Uploaded Media

icex 1 year ago in Chat 0

Would it be possible to add inline media playback of uploaded content(.mp3, .mp4, .wav, and .mov) into ryver similar to slack so that users do not have to download or leave the ryver chat to see the content.


Search keyboard shortcut

rysiutek 1 year ago in Chat • updated by Computers for Schools Yukon 1 year ago 1

Simple idea: focusing search field (or opening search dialog) using standard shortcut (Ctrl+F / cmd+F).

Under review

Bug when trying to mention a channel with a tiret

José 1 year ago in Chat • updated by jeff 1 year ago 1


I just found a bug. When i'm in a channel and want to mention another channel (with +nameofthechannel for example), there is a bug if the mentioned channel had a tiret. For example +new-channel doesn't work (there is no link).


Allow users to change the font face

Joseph Banass 1 year ago in Chat • updated by lee nguyen 2 months ago 0

It would be nice if users can choose their own font face. I've noticed on some occasions that the default font can be "thin".