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Hi Andreas - Right around Christmas, we put an update out that allows people to be more granular about the notifications they get for topics and tasks. So for people who want to be notified of a new topic, for example, but not be notified of every reply, they can choose that.

Now, on the author side, if you want to make sure that certain users get pulled into the topic, you can @mention them and they will be notified and subscribed to the topic.

I think the only part of this missing is unsubscribing people not @mentioned, but I'm not convinced we could implement that in a way that would make sense to everybody. 

And thanks for pointing out the category issue here in the feedback site!

We have started putting in the back-end API changes needed so that we can allow the team admin to determine which tab(s) will be visible.

At this time, I'm not sure if these administrative controls will be made available in the free product, or only in the paid tiers.

We have started a Proof of Concept Outlook plugin that will work with the desktop app and Office365.

There is an Admin preference in Admin Settings for hiding the email address in the profile. We still haven't decided whether to put a user-level preference in for this.

Our latest release has the beginnings of more granular notification control. You now have better control of your Topic and Task notifications in teams and forums. Next we'll be letting you go to "My Settings" and choose your defaults for these, and then additionally you can override on a team-by-team or forum-by-forum basis.

We're also starting to look into the chat server changes required to be notified of every chat message in a team/forum.

We'll take a look at what it would require to add an additional preference to remove yourself from @team notifications and/or provide additional named @mention groups.

The latest on this is that we have done the core work for SSO and will be testing it in-house starting this coming week. Then we'll be working on history/audit tracking, followed by export. So we are making progress now on our enterprise-related features, but I know it is moving slower than you would like.