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Under review

Provide access to user profile card details for bot actions

Bill Gravelle 4 years ago in Integrations updated 4 years ago 2

I just found Timezone.io today and am experimenting with it in the context of a Hubot script (GitHub repo). I definitely see the appeal of exposing this detail to our community. I just don't like the idea of forcing them to register for a new service, simply to provide the detail that already exists inside Ryver.

It would be great to have bot actions to set the current timezone (for when we're traveling). It also would be great to have the bot action contextually get the current timezones for members - in the Direct Message, the Private Team, the Open Forum or the Organization.

Under review

Forum/Team Icon next to its name in the Navigation Pane

André Koch 4 years ago in Navigation updated by jeff 4 years ago 1

Hi team, again I must say I'm liking this app more and more as I use it. Anyway I was just wondering, is it possible to have the forum or team icon display next to its name on the navigation pane? It displays at the top of the chat room once I'm already in it, but it would be nice if I could select the chat room I want to get into, by identifying its icon. Its like when I see Jeff's picture in the idea thread I know the post is from him instantly. This will also brighten up the navigation pane a bit. Maybe this feature is already there but I doesn't work for me for some reason, I'm not sure. Btw, I think priority for this feature should be the desktop app. Thanks!

Under review

Easy integration with video services

Bill Gravelle 4 years ago in Integrations updated by jeff 4 years ago 2

How about a customizable slash command to fire up a WebRTC service like https://appear.in/? That would allow us to immediately fire up a group video conversation within our Ryver platform ...

PS - It would be great to allow our own settings in case we're using something different in the future. Again, As previously mentioned, we would be happy have those settings in EddyBot (similar to the Enrollment URL interface), so as to simplify the coding effort. After all, it's really only something we use once or twice in an Admin role ...

Under review

If a message contains two or more asterisks after the send the * dissapears

M.Evans 4 years ago in Chat updated 4 years ago 5

Example try to send 3*5*6

Under review

Send feedback has disappeared from app

Chris Mortimer 4 years ago in Desktop updated by jeff 4 years ago 1

Bug - Ryver input/script causes unusual login page behavior

Fore 4 years ago in Mobile updated by jeff 4 years ago 1


When trying to login from an Android device using the input box (for organizations) the text is automatically changed by what seems to be a running script. On the Andriod platform this causes my Tablet (an Asus Android Tranformer with an external keyboard) to act oddly.

It seemingly confuses the keyboard app and causes very strange behavior. Such as having to type each character twice or having the wrong keystroke show up on the screen. Creating a very tricky effort to login.

This problem is also less evident but persists on the Desktop when doing a login from chrome. It seems you guys/gals placed a script to auto-magically turn all character into minor letters. But this seems to cause problems on Tablets and Desktops. As the input box seems to constantly rewrite what is present in the box as you type each character.


Complete list of allowed forums for each Guest in ellipsis

jake 4 years ago in Admin 0

This would be a great place to have a "Forums" button in the list, for admins at least. This way an admin can quickly see how many and to which forums the guest has been invited. Currently you must go to the each forum and see if the guests are in the roster.

Under review

Integrate ability to segregate Forums into separate clustered topics.

Fore 4 years ago in Navigation updated 4 years ago 3

Please consider adding the ability for Admins to be able to segregate or cluster forums by topics.

We use Ryver as a job management/ticket tool for different process stacks involved in a Tv Repair business.

We are trying it out (and it is a great help) and find that we have about 30+ Forums for all repair jobs (by name) but are unable to group together different forums into "stacks". We would like the ability to "group"/"stack" different people at different stages of a process pipeline together so we can know at a glance how many people are at which stage of the pipeline. From Diagnosis to Ordering parts to Repaired.

As there is a pipeline that gradually evolves for each separate Forum it becomes time consuming to keep tabs on which forum is at which stage of a process.


Linux 32bits Syntax Error

ThePwo 4 years ago updated by anonymous 2 years ago 1

On Linux 32bits (Ubuntu and Lubuntu) it's impossible to start Ryver.
We got the following error :

./Ryver: 2: ./Ryver: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

I have try numerous commands like

sudo ./Ryver
sudo sh Ryver
sudo bash Ryver

... and without sudo
But same error


Attention Grabbing "Buzz" Notification

Ryan Gallagher 4 years ago in Notifications updated by Jonaskevin 2 years ago 1

Similar to the old Yahoo Messenger "Buzz" feature it would be nice to have the option to grab another user's attention via a full scree alert or overlay that would require a dismissal. Noisy environments sometimes cause alerts to be missed or working on multiple systems at once.

Under review

Opening existing direct message selects all of the text

Josh 4 years ago in Chat updated 4 years ago 2

Whenever I open an existing direct message in Ryver Windows app all of the text in the DM is selected. Preferably, this should instead open a direct message and direct the user's focus to the message entry field.


Posting ability within a personal chat.

Matt K 4 years ago in Posts 0

DMs, forums and teams have the 'Post' feature (which is amazing BTW).

It'd be great to have this posting ability in personal chats as well (i.e. within the self DM window)


Typing box loses focus with new message

Austin Best 4 years ago in Chat updated by Jeremiah 4 years ago 1

When i am in the middle of typing a new message, if someone sends me a message the cursor is removed and i am left typing a message that is not actually going into the input box. The software shouldn't take my focus away from typing just because a new message is received.


Matrix support and teams shared accross accounts

Andreas 4 years ago in Chat 0

This is a two parter, firstly and primarily I think adding support for the open source chat protocol matrix .org this could help serve as a way of integrating Ryver with other chat systems when you need to communicate with someone who doesn't want to or can't use Ryver for some reason. Could probably work with most other chats and there are already support for many like Slack, Twitter, IRC etc.

For the second part, Ryver could support adding a channel that exists on two different accounts at the same time so if two companies need to cooperate and both use Ryver they can have a common channel instead of one of them inviting all the others as guests. By implementing Matrix support I think this could be achieved. Maybe an even better solution could be made with your own protocol alone but this would be an added benefit to supporting Matrix and should not need any additional work.


Messages are grouped when sent with different "from" fields

md678685 4 years ago in Chat updated by jeff 4 years ago 3

Currently, chat messages which are sent by the same user by with different "from" fields (extras.from objects in the body when sent via the API) are grouped by the UI and therefore appear as though sent from the same person. For example:

person1 Sat 4:00pm

this was sent "from" person1 by user1

this was sent "from" person2 by user1

user2 Sat 4:01pm

this was sent regularly by user2

this was sent "from" person3 by user2

user1 Sat 4:02pm

this was sent regularly by user1

I assume this also affects Zapier integrations as well, however I haven't tested it.

It would be useful if these messages weren't grouped, as it could cause confusion with whether messages are being sent by Zapier integrations, Hubot instances, other API usages or even by the user themselves.