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Transfer the Reminder icon from the 3 periods area to next to the reaction icon

Ben 1 year ago in Chat • updated 1 year ago 1

Creating a reminder in Ryver currently takes 3 clicks, vs 1 click for starring a message on Slack.  The good thing about Ryver’s reminders is that users can choose if they want to be reminded NOW or in a few minutes, hours days.  Currently, on the right of each message there are a REPLY, REACTION and 3PERIODS icons..  I suggest that this is changed to REPLY, REACTION, REMINDER and 3PERIODS icons.  This way, setting reminders would change to 2 clicks instead of 3.  Makes the system more efficient.


More Filter on task stream

Viktor 1 year ago in Navigation 0

It would be nice if Ryver put filter on Task Stream as it implemented in Task Tab, Our team daily routine is go to task stream and filter "Assigned to Me" at this moment it filled with Task that already done and not done, which is bit messy... if you can filter by "Not Done" only OR by specific "Tag" it would be more productive flow


Error when trying to move a file to a reply in a Task

Ben 2 years ago in Desktop 0

Error when trying to move a file to a reply in a Task

Whenever I try to move (drag and drop) a file to a reply in a Task, I get an error (see picture).  Uploading works fine though.

Under review

Include many NATIVE integrations

Ben 2 years ago in Integrations • updated by jeff 2 years ago 1

Right now, Ryver only integrates with Zapier.  There's the Webhooks option, but seems to require some level of technical knowledge.  Most users will probably not be able to use Webhooks easily.  And even Zaps are not so easy for the common user.

Slack has hundreds of native integrations: https://slack.com/apps

Ryver should actively seek native integrations with the most popular apps out there.  Native integrations promote the use of Ryver and can help current Ryver users get more "juice" from Ryver.

Under review

Increase size of emojis when posted without text

Ben 2 years ago in Misc • updated by jeff 2 years ago 2

This is a feature Slack introduced some time ago.  It's a minor thing but I find it to be nice.  Emojis have the right size for when you put them together with text.  But, sometimes you reply to something just with an emoji.  It would be nice to see that one bigger, maybe 2 or 3 times as big as the normal emoji size.


Allow Team Creator To Set New Team Admin And Then Leave A Team

Stephanie Henyard 2 years ago in Settings 0

When trying to leave a team that is no longer relevant, if that person created the team, they cannot leave. Even after setting another team member as admin of that team, the creator cannot leave. This setup ensures several staff are on teams they no longer need to participate in, since the remaining team members want to retain the data meaning we can't archive.

Please allow the creator of a team to name a successor and then depart. 


Forum Moderators

Corvin Adkins 2 years ago in Settings • updated by FHTheron 1 year ago 1

Allow Admins to select certain member to act as Forum Moderators 


Team Calendar view

Joie 2 years ago 0

Would be great to be able to have a shared calendar across the organization or specifically in teams to view deadlines and schedule check-ins


Add History tracking to each task

james.armenti 2 years ago in Admin 0

Would be great if there was a History log in tasks so I can see how a task has moved and on what dates. Say for example "27 July 2017 13:05 Joe Smith changed Category to Development"


Profile: International phone numbers please

RvK 2 years ago in Settings • updated by MarkB 2 years ago 1

Can't input my german phone number into my profile i.e.:

(012345) 6789 876-0 or

+49 (123) 456789 867-0

Ryver knows and accepts only U.S. format:

(123) 456 7890

Under review

Post links without preview.

martin.tran 3 years ago • updated by Luke Fritz 6 months ago 5

Post links without preview. I know, I can add text before and after as workaround.


Display Name vs @name

Thomas Becker 3 years ago • updated by Mahomed 1 year ago 2

When using the @name in a chat or post it would be awesome if the name that went into the chat or post was the display name instead of the actual @username. For example if my username is @jmaxwell and my display name is "John 647" (where 647 is a location number) or "John Maxwell" it would be nice to have the display name inline in the chat as everyone may not know who jmaxwell is but they may know who "John 647" is. I hope I am being clear in what I am trying to ask for. This could be categorized in Chat or Post as it is the same for both.

Under review

Direct message

michael.wright 3 years ago in Notifications • updated by jeff 2 years ago 3

Would like direct messages to work like text messages. Notifications currently don't occur if the App isn't open on your device. If people on my team don't have the app running, or the desktop program open, notifications only happen via email

Under review

Collapsable Code if 3-back-tick Method used

jake 3 years ago in Posts • updated by Trevor Vaughan 3 years ago 3

When doing code shares, these can be long snippets. Many times the comments within the main post, along with shared pics or links, are tedious to navigate. So if a collapse button were to be right next to the top line of code to collapse only the code between the back-ticks, this would be sweet! (Method Ex.:)


Some means of visually acclimating new users to Ryver

Jeff Berman 3 years ago in Misc • updated by Felixvd 2 years ago 2

If it doesn't already exist, it would be nice to have a mechanism for quickly showing new Ryver users (web) how to use the system. I'm envisioning overlays that appear the first time a new user logs in to show them key features.

We have found in our group that many new users haven't discovered that the "Open Forums" link is clickable, as surprising as this sounds. As a result, their sidebar isn't populated with forums and they aren't even aware that discussions are taking place all around them.

It would be nice if overlays appeared when they first signed on (or perhaps every time they sign on until they enter a forum) encouraging them to click on the Open Forums list to enter the ones that appear interesting to them. Once they do this, perhaps another overlay could appear to point out how the forum is now in their sidebar and how it will change color when new content appears.