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Native app

bartlomiej.szponarski 1 year ago in Mobile 0

Hello, dunno whether there was such a request, but are you planning to release native app's for iOS and android? Reopening and notifications are a mess in current state. Could be very helpful.


Regards! Bartek


Custom fields within tasks

infx 1 year ago 0

It would be great to provide custom fields within task objects like on trello.

There its a "Power Up" function and really helpful.

You can note your project costs, estimated hours and much more.

While import my boards from trello, badly all these data is lost...


Checklist items with Assigned users and due dates

kjkolb 1 year ago 0

A task kan have several items at the checklist.
Sometimes you can consider them as a small (sub)task.

And often some of the items (I call them subtasks) must be done by different users.

It should be nice If you can assign a user to a item.
So the subtask wil be seen at the task stream of that user. 
And It would even be greater if the item also has a due date.

The other way to do this is.
An Item in a Task is a connected to an already existing separate Task.
But I think that is more confusing. 


To define custom @mention for certain team members similar to @here & @team

pdlbibek 1 year ago in Notifications 0

This feature will be very handy whenever you want to mention few members (of same role) in a private team chat or an open forum. This will stop bothering all team members @team or active team members @here who dont need any attention atm. Two instances of @mention for private team and global forum will be an additional benefit.

 Example below:

1. Private Team: "@designerteam can you fix this design issue

2. For global Forum: "@designerglobal we have a designers meet at this location"

Under review

Add ability so download file

Dani Avni 2 years ago in Desktop • updated by Austin Best 1 year ago 3

Someone just sent me a XML file. On the desktop app, when I click the file it opens in the browser. please add a button to download the file


Notification marked as read if I read the message in the group

Kyle Miller 2 years ago in Notifications • updated by Kyle Miller 1 month ago 1

When I am in a private team and some @mentions me, I get a notification in the notifications tab.  If I got to the private team and read that message, the notification should also get marked as read since it is just telling me to read the message I just read.  So basically, if i open the message that the notification is telling me I got, the notification should be marked as read so I don't then have to go to the notification to clear it


Images in Task Cards

Joie 2 years ago in Misc • updated by pandapuffs 1 year ago 1

I would like to be able to embed images into the task card, visible from the board view like in Trello


A way to control "All Hands"

Ivan Takev 2 years ago • updated by Invent 4 months ago 7


we have 300+ people in the organisation and All Hands is getting out of control. We did check with Mim and understood there is no possibility to archive/delete that primary forum.

I suggest to be allowed to archive/delete it as it only takes a couple of weirdos to spam the whole organization and basically lose real man-hours of company time in pointlessly messaging everyone. 

Alternatively, it would be nice to be converted to radio station where only admins can drop messages but no one would be able to give replays..would be great for us in IT.

It is nice to have such channel in a small team but with too many people it becomes a trouble...




task on forum / public tasks

cesar azpilcueta 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 0

It will be great for Ryver to have a task in open forums or public tasks to make it more collaborative and transparent


Integrate Ryver Chat inside a site

HugoDias 2 years ago in Integrations • updated by Mahomed 1 year ago 1

I would like to integrate Ryver personal chats inside my website. The idea is to use Ryver to communicate with my site users inside my website. Each user would only see the direct conversation with the site admin and the general forum chat. Would you consider this in the future?


Pinned messages in chat tab

Jacob Chen 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 0

There is "Posts" right now which is great but it seems quite separated from the chat tab, which is great in its own way But the Chat tab could do with the ability to pin important messages, (just like slack). and have it on the side bars too, beside the current Profile/Roster/Files


Bigger font + less optical clutter = better text view

RvK 2 years ago in Mobile 0

Samsung S5 (1,080 x 1,920 pixels) + Android v6.0.1 + Ryver v1.23:

Text font to small. Inbut box to small. WhatsApp for example has a much better text and input box size. 

Within 1:1 chat's name of partner and weekday not necessary in every message - see WhatsApp. 

Less is more.

Same applies to the Windows Desktop Client and all the other Ryver apps - I guess.

Best regards from Germany,



Allow Admins the ability to just use Posts in specific forums (no Chat).

Cory 2 years ago in Posts • updated by Courtenay Watson 1 year ago 4

Allow Admins the ability to just use Posts in specific forums (no Chat). Or at minimum, put Posts first so that users land on that first (folks in our group prefer the functionality of Posts, but are missing it when they arrive to chats first) 


Notifications on app

samkovaveronika 2 years ago in Mobile 0

On mobile app - in our case on Apple devices - notifications sometimes doesn´t show. Can you fix it please? Thanks!


Discussion Stream

Matt Sollars 3 years ago in Misc 0

The Post Stream is great, but there are plenty of times, as a manager, I want to catch up on the discussions across ALL teams (not just the posts). I would love to be able to drop into a Discussion Stream and watch a collective stream of all discussions in all teams I'm a part of. I could then click on an entry/line and reply to it from this stream. My reply would appear in the correct team discussion, and I could then resume my reading.

When I'm away for a time, having to click into all the separate teams I'm apart of to catch up is...tedious.